The Band

The TRITOP project was born in 2008 from an idea of lvo Di Traglia (drums) and Roberto Sandirocco (keyboards), joined later by lacopo Di Traglia (bass and vocals) and Yuri Massaro (guitar). The quartet, initially called Wanderlust, started off very well and would end up performing in many locations in Central and Southern ltaly.
Due to personal reasons, the project was forced to suspend its live performances. Despite this, Ivo continued writing music and looking for newband members with the intention to record an album as soon as possible.

In 2016 lvo teamed with the keyboardist Pierfrancesco Di Pofi and together they continued to compose new songs, enrich the previous ones and record all the ideas that were set aside for years, until current band members Francesco Caponera (guitar), Jacopo Tuzi (bass) and Mattia Fagiolo (vocals) joined the project in 2020.
The songs composed by lvo have a clear progressive framework, with references to Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, ELP. There are also more recent influences such as Dream Theater, Haken, Flower Kings and Kaipa, just to name a few.

In May 2022, the debut album titled “RISE OF KASSANDRA” is completed and recorded: it is a concept album that tries to describe some peculiar aspects of human nature, such as the fear of chaos and how this pushes us to create structures of oppression.
The lyrics (in English) were written by Iacopo. An animated video of the title track has been released, lasting 13 minutes, which testifies to the complexity of the entire work.

Pierfrancesco Di Pofi


Jacopo Tuzi


Francesco Caponera


Ivo di Traglia


Mattia Fagiolo